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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Mar 23, 2022

Ted Perkins, aka the “Tips & Tools Guy” is a SMART facilitator and producer of our popular SMART Recovery video series including Tips & Tools for Recovery That Works, Life Beyond Addiction, Facilitator Spotlights, and more.  A natural skeptic and avid humanist, he has always been open to ways to better himself, especially in his recovery. One way in which he’s done this is looking into the possible therapeutic value of psychedelic drugs. In this podcast he openly shares some of his experiences with people so they can understand the powerful impact they made in his life.

In this podcast, Ted talks about:

  • How alcohol was normalized growing up in other countries 
  • His path from college to the entertainment industry being full of parties and substances  
  • Realizing he was living a suboptimal life because of alcohol  
  • Finding SMART and becoming a facilitator  
  • Trying LSD in the 1980’s and integrating the experience into his ongoing relationships 
  • Trying to be the best Ted he can be 
  • Learning about the popularity of psychedelics to aid in recovery 
  • His experience at a psychedelic summer camp in Costa Rica 
  • Being treated with Ketamine by his therapist  
  • The connection between his psychedelic experience and using SMART 
  • Getting what you need, not what you want 
  • Having a deeper emotional connection to the people in his life