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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Oct 31, 2022

Johnny Allison’s substance use started as a way to cope with the trauma of war and chaos of military life. His recovery started as a way to become the soldier and person he knew he was and could be. Today, he is a Veteran, SMART Facilitator, and the Lead of the SMART UK Veterans Program.

In this podcast, Johnny talks about:

  • What motivated him to join the British Army
  • The ties between his boxing career and serving in the military
  • Why his substance use started and not understanding what was happening
  • How the COVID isolation affected his mental health and well being
  • How he was becoming a shadow of himself
  • His drive and commitment to finally getting help
  • Finding SMART and how it helped him manage his thoughts, feelings, and behaviors
  • Why he wanted to become a facilitator
  • Creating the 1st Annual International Veterans and First Responders Webinar
  • The best things about attending a Veterans meeting