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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Dec 6, 2021

Dave Johnson is the Chief Executive Officer of the Fletcher Group, based in London, Kentucky. His background in social work, healthcare, and academia led him to starting Fletcher Group with the help of Ernie Fletcher, the former Governor of Kentucky. A recent grant connected them to SMART Recovery with the Rural Centers of Excellence Initiative


In this podcast, Dave talks about:

  • His journey from Big Sky country to the Motor City
  • Flunking retirement after meeting Governor Ernie Fletcher 
  • Developing and operationalizing the Fletcher Group organization at record speed 
  • Being the catalysts for change
  • Caring about the ones whom no one else does
  • Receiving a HRSA grant for the Rural Centers for Excellence Initiative (RCOE)
  • How and why recovery homes have gained public awareness in the last decade
  • Connecting with SMART and implementing the curriculum and best practices into the houses
  • Coaches and motivation
  • The benefits for a recovery home participating in the RCOE program
  • Gauging success: initiation, engagement, retention 
  • What recovery capital is and why it’s important