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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Oct 17, 2022

Years ago, Brett Macdonald and his friends had the time of their lives backpacking across Australia. After many conversations, they realized that heavy alcohol use had become a staple in their lives. This led them to creating a “sober competition” to see who could abstain from drinking the longest. From this, a global fundraising and awareness initiative was born. Brett is now the Managing Director of EzyRaise, a global fundraising platform, whose campaigns include Dry July Australia, Take on Addiction, and the latest, Sober October USA.

In this podcast, Brett talks about:

  • The history of Sober October campaigns in other countries
  • How SMART Recovery became the partner and beneficiary for the US campaign
  • Why and how to get involved with Sober October
  • The benefits of abstaining from alcohol
  • Coming to your own conclusions about alcohol
  • Useful features for participants, including an alcohol calculator and calendar
  • There is still time to join Sober October and support those in recovery