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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Nov 17, 2020

Stacey McKeever is a librarian in southern California.  Her lifelong struggle with food addiction has led her to use SMART Recovery as one pathway to maintaining balance in her life.   

In this podcast, Stacey talks about:

  • How she was a librarian even before she earned her degree 
  • Being put on diet pills at eight years old 
  • Using food to cope with her feelings 
  • Finding out she had a food addiction  Her inability to feel space or boundaries  
  • The blocked memories from her childhood 
  • Growing up in a household of women, where everyone was continuously dieting
  • How needing food to live makes the struggle more difficult 
  • Learning how to have boundaries with words not food 
  • Incorporating SMART Recovery and Weight Watchers programs into her life 
  • Finding balance on the beam and knowing when enough is enough 
  • Making excuses because it’s the holidays 
  • The sexiness is all about the planning of the meal 
  • Going into the holidays with eyes wide open 
  • Trying other programs  
  • Learning how to be a whole person with SMART What is most valuable about SMART meetings 
  • Advice for staying on the balance beam 
  • Learning recovery is aindividual journey 
  • Ways of supporting others without accepting their burdens