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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Sep 8, 2022

David Koss, JD, is a member of the SMART Recovery Board of Directors and the Director of Government Relations. In his role as director, David monitors what the federal government is doing in terms of addiction and recovery legislation, and advocates for SMART and people with substance use disorders.

David works directly with members of Congress to pass legislation that helps those with substance use disorders receive the care and treatment they need and deserve. For example, the recently passed House Bill HR7666 focuses on mental health funding that directly affects individuals either seeking or already in recovery.  

David’s time is also spent on facilitating SMART meetings and coordinating the East Coast Regional Conference. The conference will be held on Saturday, October 22nd in Laurel, Maryland. This year’s theme, Shifting Paradigms, New Opportunities, will focus on new kinds of intervention, treatment, and aftercare – meeting people where they are in their recovery.

Because this is an election year, David urges people to vote and get as involved as possible. He believes it is important to support those in Congress who are fighting to end the addiction epidemic and save lives.