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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Jul 5, 2022

Steve Kind of Mankato, Minnesota, is a SMART Facilitator and new SMART employee. His alcohol struggles began in high school and continued into adulthood. After his second DUI, he was about to lose everything, including his wife. Then an open-minded, forward-thinking counselor suggested he look into SMART as a new path to recovery. Now he is living his Life Beyond Addiction.  

In this podcast, Steve talks about:

  • His struggle with alcohol addiction and the 12-Step recovery process
  • How his views on driving under the influence have changed over the years
  • Being a defensive Christian and then an Atheist
  • Being introduced to SMART and watching a Jonathan von Breton YouTube video
  • What came from traveling 70 miles to attend a SMART meeting
  • Sitting in a meeting room by himself and waiting for participants
  • The word-of-mouth “snowball effect”
  • Writing a book about his life: The Inspirational Dissatisfaction
  • How a job in California almost cost him everything
  • Getting off the couch and changing your life!