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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Aug 4, 2022

Mercy Bell’s relationship with alcohol started in college as a way to thwart the uneasiness she felt inside. It led her to a “recovery or else” situation. She used multiple paths and experiences along her journey to recovery. Today, Mercy is the co-owner of Sober Voices and Sourcing Voices, with Alyssa Hart. Their mission is “to amplify and celebrate all voices and all experiences on the journey of recovery and mental health”, especially college students, LGBTQ+, and BIPOC.

In this podcast, Mercy talks about:

  • Having a “high bottom” that most people couldn’t see and using many paths to recovery
  • Serendipitously meeting Alyssa Hart who was creating an online sober event, FLOW
  • Being a “buffet grazer” of recovery
  • Being impressed with the technology and ecosystem Alyssa was using for a grassroots style recovery movement during the pandemic
  • The inspiration to start Sober Voices for online recovery events and Sourcing Voices, the technology platform where recovery content lives
  • Why having a diversity of voices and stories is key to having people relate and connect
  • The mission of Sober Voices and why they chose to use the words Amplify and Celebrate
  • Finding SMART while planning for FLOW 2021
  • The future goals for Sober Voices and Sourcing Voices