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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Mar 21, 2022

Loretta Billingsley has been working in the media industry since the 1980’s and still loves what she does to this day. Another thing she loves is facilitating the SMART Women’s meeting on Saturday mornings. Loretta knows the personal growth and connections formed during those meetings have help changed lives, and for that she is grateful.


In this podcast, Loretta talks about:

  • Being one of the pioneer women who started the women’s meeting
  • Why the meeting has grown in popularity in the last year
  • Notable guest speakers from the recovery community
  • Her four levels of collective sharing
  • Why inclusivity needed to be a part of the SMART community
  • How we’re all recovering from something
  • Humanity being the great connector
  • Using practices instead of tools
  • The journey down a new road of recovery