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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Jul 13, 2021

Barry Grant’s experiences being incarcerated over 20 years ago changed and shaped his future forever.  Today, Barry is the owner of S.A.F.E Counseling Services, Director of Outpatient Services at Hope House, and SMART board member.  His tireless championing of the SMART program has helped countless people in their recovery journey. 

In this podcast, Barry talks about:

  • His history of being incarcerated and finding SMART while in prison
  • Using his time in prison as an opportunity to grow and share experiences with others
  • SMART being in the here and now, not the past
  • Examining and evaluating the human experience
  • His meaning of recovery
  • Choosing your behavior means choosing your consequences
  • Becoming an autodidactic counselor
  • The difference between being ready and being prepared
  • Changing the vocabulary for incarcerated people
  • How SMART principles are applicable to life situations
  • Asking “Who Are You?”