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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Nov 1, 2021

Dr. Sarah Zemore is a Senior Scientist at the Alcohol Research Group in Emeryville, California, and the Principal Investigator of the Peer Alternatives for Addiction 2 (PAL2) Study. This is the second phase in the study which focuses on the benefits of mutual help groups in recovery. 

In this podcast, Sarah talks about:

  • Her background in social psychology, then becoming interested in the addiction recovery process
  • Previous studies being too academic with little translation to the real world
  • The power researchers have to shape services and make an impact
  • The goals, challenges, and findings from the 2015 PAL1 Study
  • How the new PAL2 study will provide a deeper understanding the benefits of mutual help groups
  • The focus in PAL2 will be on specific subgroups and how participation is different, i.e., in-person versus online meetings
  • Mechanisms of action and the key drivers of recovery
  • Ways to participate in PAL2 study and how the data will be used to provide recommendations to treatment providers
  • The importance of knowing the range of recovery program options available
  • Welcoming feedback on the work and study