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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Aug 12, 2021

Since 2016, Lorie Hammerstorm has been the lead onsite trainer for SMART.  She also facilitates the teen and young adult meetings.  Her passion for working with teens and young adults is evident in the hundreds of people she has helped in their recovery journey. 

Rae Grady is an onsite trainer and Family & Friends facilitator, who has been with SMART since 2019.  Her prior experience working with adolescents as a guidance counselor and crisis coordinator has given her the tools and empathy to support the those in need. 

In this podcast, they talk about:

  • Lorie’s need to find life goals beyond drugs and alcohol in high school and how it shaped her future
  • Rae’s career working with adolescents and finding SMART as a resource
  • How Lorie found SMART and why the tools were crucial in her life
  • SMART’s principles are things kids can grab onto
  • Why the school approach makes the teens more comfortable in meetings
  • Lorie and Rae’s experiences with their own children’s struggles
  • Why it’s important that teens learn to communicate
  • The skills that trainers and facilitators need to work with teens and young adults
  • The value in creating relationships with people
  • Using music as a way to connect and relate to recovery
  • Planting the seeds for recovery
  • A mistake isn’t a failure, but an opportunity to learn
  • The parents’ need to understand the recovery process