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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Sep 7, 2021

Sarah Levin is the founder of Secular Strategies.  She is also a lobbyist and coalition builder.  Sarah has made it her life’s work to fight for legislation protecting secular points of view.  

Gerardo (Gee) Matamoros is a SMART Regional Coordinator, president of the SMART NYC Board, and self-described newfound activist.  He is impacting his community through his passion and dedication to ensuring SMART is an option for everyone in recovery. 

In this podcast, they talk about: 

  • Sarah growing up in a political family that loved to talk about religion and politics at the kitchen table 
  • Sarah being introduced to SMART when she worked for the Secular Coalition for America 
  • Being the engine of the secular movement  
  • Gee grew up in different countries and came to the US for college 
  • Gee’s stint with “naughty” substances and finding SMART 
  • What brought Sarah and Gee together 
  • Advocating for separation of church and state and evidence-based policy 
  • Explaining to law makers why Medically Assisted Treatment (MAT) should be supported in recovery 
  • Ending the stigma of addiction for people in recovery 
  • The First Amendment cases that protect choice in recovery pathways 
  • Shifting the burden to the courts to ensure secular recovery options are given to people  
  • Gee’s outreach and awareness efforts in NYC  
  • Newfound energy in rallying people to get involved in SMART’s legislative changes 
  • Why it’s important to learn the ecosystem of decision makers in your community and make SMART known 
  • Telling your story because your voice matters to lawmakers at all levels