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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Jun 2, 2022

Alicia Renegar is a Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach and SMART Facilitator in Columbus, Indiana. As a gay woman, she faced much adversity and discrimination throughout her life. She shares how she has turned this negativity into strength and is helping others on their path to recovery.  

In this podcast, she talks about:

  • The challenges and discrimination she faced from administrators and peers during her school years
  • How people’s fear of change impacts their decisions and attitudes towards what they perceive as different
  • Her parents being very supportive and giving her a solid foundation to be who she is
  • The journey to becoming herself
  • How her deep-seated trauma pushed through and ultimately led to her addiction
  • Volunteering then working for ASAP Hub
  • Finding SMART and taking the facilitator training course
  • Starting an LGBTQIA+ meeting in Columbus, Indiana
  • Why SMART resonates with people
  • The proudest moment of her life was becoming a Certified Addiction Peer Recovery Coach
  • The obstacles and dangers of being an LGBTQIA+ activist