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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Dec 11, 2015

SMART Recovery finds itself facing the exciting challenge of a phenomenal increase in awareness, acceptance and demand for SMART meetings.  SMART’s meetings are based around a standardized format for open discussion and group interaction, guided by a trained facilitator, and based on CBT, motivational interviewing skills, and exploration and examples of SMART Tools. In order to be a SMART facilitator, one must complete significant training through SMART’s Get SMART FAST -- Facilitator and Support Team Training program. The training is phenomenal and in-depth BUT demand is outpacing our ability to get new facilitators established as quickly as is needed.

SMART recently announced a brand-new option, Hosted meetings. Hosted meetings allow SMART to establish face-to-face meetings much more quickly and easily. Hosts are provided a minimal amount of training, but operate under the mentorship of a trained facilitator. Hosted meetings are conducted following a carefully crafted meeting script and enforce three basic rules: no lengthy statements, no advice, no off-topic discussions:

Dr. Horvath also spends some time discussing the upcoming holidays -- tips, thoughts and some words to take into the New Year.

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