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SMART Recovery® Podcast

Jun 19, 2012

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the most widely used psychological method for combatting depression, for one simple reason: it works. In this brief workshop, Dr. Bill Knaus introduces you to cognitive, emotive, and behavioral techniques to overcome and prevent depression. He shares innovative, practical and evidence-based ideas from the newly published The Cognitive Behavioral Workbook for Depression 2nd Ed. (New Harbinger, June 2012).

Bill Knaus, Ed.D. is famous for his work in helping people overcome procrastination. He is a clinician and was Director of post graduate training in REBT. He originated the self-help movement in procrastination and has three bestselling books in this area. Bill originated rational emotive education, an evidence-based positive mental health program for kids and teens. He is known by many in SMART Recovery as the author of The SMART Recovery Primer, a manual that helped launch SMART. This former professor has authored more than 20 books.

For more of Bill's work on defeating procrastination, please listen to the workshops from the summer of 2011, available here at Smart Recovery Podcasts. Click here for the first of four workshops in that series. Also, check out the "Combatting Procrastination" online presentation on YouTube by visiting the Smart Recovery® Channel. Click here for the first of three currently available presentations, and stand by for more to come!

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