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SMART Recovery® Podcast

May 19, 2015

Stanton Peele returns to SMART Recovery to discuss Recreating Addiction Treatment in the 21st Century with Dr. Tom Horvath, SMART’s President.

Thought, attitudes, and the treatment of addiction is shifting. Choice and empowerment have slowly become the accepted wisdom as the keys to personal change. This event’s wide-ranging discussion includes discussion on these changes, as well as a look back on the past and a bold look into the future.

“Look beyond the walls of therapy, towards independence and empowerment.” ~ Stanton Peele

As arguably the most compelling speaker on addiction in the world today, Dr. Peele has been on the forefront of these sweeping changes. He has devoted his career to providing people with facts about addiction, regardless of their popularity, and salient approaches, for both individuals and policy, based on those facts. His views are sweeping, and he provides a revolutionary framework that encourages people to look at addiction in the context of their lives, rather than limiting themselves to any single label.

Addiction is never the totality of one’s being.  Here is where so many of Dr. Peele’s views intersect with those of SMART.  Dr. Peele and SMART strongly agree that when an individual’s choices become self-destructive, they can learn to make better ones.

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